Selected work 2017—2014:
2017 Notes on Freshness — Research book using pattern recognition in branding and packaging as the starting point for a series of texts and compositions about ‘freshness’. ( See Images )
2017 Untranslated, Ideas and Stories about the use of metal in printed matter — BA Thesis  ( pdf ) ( See Images )
2017 Republishing of “Light as a Metaphor for Truth: At the Preliminary Stage of Philosophical Concept Formation” by Hans Blumenberg. The text triggered a personal interest in how light can be depicted and materialised as graphic. From this interest a decorative font has been designed, based on curves and strokes, as a graphic interpretation of ‘light’. Later, using sand-gold ink in the publication as the very manifestation of sparkles, glitters, gleam and refracted light. ( See Images )
2017 Aluminium, Neodymium, Steel ( BFA Diploma ) ( See Images )
2017 Bei Cosy — Together with Eduardo Leòn, we worked on a shimmering holding page for a temporary bar and exhibition space at Rongwrong, Amsterdam. Curated by Philipp Gufler and Richard John Jones in collaboration with Cosy Pièro, Sands Murray-Wassink and Laurie Cluitmans. ( Visit Website ) ( See Images )
2017 What is Happening to our Brain? Art Life in times of Cognitive Automation, Studium Generale Rietveld Academie — Together with Zgjim Elshani, Inna Kochkina and Vera Rijks, we designed a complete identity for the school‘s weekly lectures and conference festival at the Stedelijk Museum. Built as an aggregate, the communication was made up of 8 posters — one for each week’s lectures — all of them being a respective part of a whole body. ( Visit Website ) ( Conference — Festival ) ( See Images )
2016 Rietveld Berlin Website — Together with Fallon Does, we developed an archive page and a small platform for the six-week residency of Rietveld Berlin. The page features a series of slides, each of them being connected to a research page from a fellow student. ( Visit Website ) ( See Images )
2016 Reader designed for the Critical Studies alumni of the Sandberg Instituut. The cover design compiles the scan marks, paper folds and various shadows originating from the scanned documents and texts read by the students during their curriculum. ( See Images )
2016 Things that work — Artist Book designed for Arta Balina. The publication gathers drawings, collages and photographies printed with various techniques including samples of engraved foam. ( See Images )
2016 Algeria through press images الجزائر عبر صور صحفية — Algeria through film footage الجزائر عبر لقطات أفلام is a research photobook compiling images from before and after the Algerian War of Independence. The object is a 1000 pages booklet bound together with specifically manufactured staples. ( See Images )
2016 Business card designed for artist Arta Balina, engraved piece of cream and pink foam. ( See Images )
2015 Praha is a typographical work based on an original drawing from Alphonse Mucha. The font has been designed with an upside down option, allowing the user to generate patterns while typing. ( See Images )
2015 I’m Not Sure, But I Think That This Has Something To Do With Art — Together with Christophe Synak, Gustav Heinsen and Steinarr Ingólfsson, we designed a Newspaper compiling each group’s research topics produced during a assignment with Bart de Baets. ( See Images )
2014 Station to Station — Together with Steinarr Ingólfsson and Sophie Rentien we designed a crooked map of everywhere and nowhere ( See Images )
2014 Eduens — Graphic identity and font development for the European Archaeological Center of Bibracte — Technichal degree diploma work. The typeface has been design from engraved archeological samples. Later reused as main font and backprint logotype with all the printed matter. ( See Images )